2wisted Elegance L.A. was founded by Seattle native, Jaret Hughes, and Joey Cooper in 2008. It was a private
company in which members were selected by invitation and only the most talented dancers within the dance
industry were selected to showcase performances at leisure. Inspired by Pop Icon Janet Jackson, the dance
company became well known for its swift precision based choreography. Their style...commanding,
aggressively intricate, with inventive music mixes to compliment the projects, has carved a lane for their
incredible work. Tackling frequently Janet Jackson’s own work, the company is known for doing tributes to
Janet to great acclaim. As 2Wisted Elegance L.A. progresses forward, they continue as and "invitation only"
dance company.

Jaret Hughes eventually returned to Seattle to continue working and reestablishing Twisted Elegance
Seattle, while Joey Cooper continued their work dutifully in Los Angeles by ramping of frequency of projects.
Shortly afterwards the idea arose to take the company into a standing roster, so the ability to mentor dancers
could be initiated.

In 2016 2wisted Elegance L.A chose its very first principle cast of dancers in an endeavor to produce its first
full length show “2ruth or Dare.” While in the process of creating the show, the participants had their
experience elevated with an on-going study, loosely of Ontology.  The dancers began getting lessons in the
nature of their being, becoming, and existing within the realities they associate most frequently.
Conceptually, that meant looking at how they went about their everyday lives, and how that would impact
their performance in the practice of their craft. It has remained a goal for the company members to
understand the importance of the role they play in their craft, how that impacts others around them, and how
they can help others benefit from their actions.

The company continues its efforts to create pieces that appeal both to the need of fulfilling escapism and
obligation. By exercising creativity under these two aspects, the company members are provided real-time
opportunities, within the Commercial Dance Industry and Exhibition Dance Communities. For example,
securing work with legendary industry choreographers who have worked with Janet Jackson, Michael
Jackson, Prince, Missy Elliott, and Madonna. The company produces dancers so that they are prepared for
greater platforms that showcase their aptitude for their craft.
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