About Our Program

The 2Wisted Elegance Program is an extended dance program of The HUSH Foundation's Cultural Arts
Program under the direction of Joey Cooper, in which graduates of our Performing Arts Program are
afforded the opportunity to be invited to audition for 2Wisted Elegance L.A. Dance Company and
develop their craft at a professional level.

The goal of this program is to break down the age barrier that stifles a dancer's longevity by inculcating
the belief in a dancer that they can achieve their dream because the ability to dance has no expiration
date. Joey's philosophy is that whether through live performances, videos, short films or documentary
mediums, dancers can be creative and display creativity honestly, fearlessly, and with integrity. He
encourages his dancers to create the type of dance art that guides thought and conversation towards
more conscientious behavior socially, both professionally & personally. The measure of the success of
this program are the dancers who have thriving careers in the industry, who go back into their
communities, empowered to lead others to push the envelope on social constructs, and who create
powerful opportunities of inclusiveness in their craft.
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