The Youth Recreational Athletic Program is a sports entity of The HUSH Foundation. We believe that sports activities do help Youth live alealthy
lifestyle. According to the American Obesity Association, obesity in adolescents is a serious issue with many health and social consequences
that often continue into adulthood. National statistics report that 25 million youth in the United States are obese or at risk of becoming obese.
These youth need help.

Although, implementing prevention programs and getting a better understanding of treatment for youth can be instrumental in controlling the
obesity epidemic; teaching healthy behaviors at a young age is important since change becomes more difficult with age. Behaviors involving
physical activity and nutrition are the cornerstone of preventing obesity in adolescents. The HUSH Foundation is committed to providing help for
those behaviors.

Benefits of our Youth Recreational Athletic Program:

The Youth Recreational Athletic Program provides the following benefits:

1.  Provides sports recreational activities (i.e. sports lab, football, track, etc.)  

2.  Provides physical education curricula and instruction for ages 10 - 18 that emphasizes enjoyable participation in lifetime physical activities
such as running, exercising, and preparation for competitive sports at the high school and college level.

3.  Helps students develop the knowledge, attitudes, and skills they need to adopt and maintain a physically active lifestyle.

4.  Follows the National Standards for Physical Education.

5.  Features active learning strategies.

6.  The HUSH Foundation’s® extracurricular physical activity program offers diverse, developmentally appropriate activities both noncompetitive
and competitive for all youth.

The HUSH Foundation® encourages parents and guardians to support their children's participation in physical activity, to be physically active
role models, and to include physical activity in family events.
We are proud to announce our newest
recreational activity under the Youth
Recreational Athletic Program, KT's Sports

This Sports Lab will provide Football training
for Middle and High School Athletes,
ages 10 - 18.

At KT's Sports Lab, Coach Kim Taylor, Sr. and
his team of coaches will provide aspiring
athletes with two days of position specific
mental and mechanical training to improve
their skills.
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KT's Sports Lab
Youth Recreational Athletic Program
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